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Social Media Buyer

Social Media Buyer
Tel Aviv
Full Time
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Role Purpose

The Social Media Buyer is responsible for creating and promoting social campaigns on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks and channels, in order to reach through those channels the highest number of people in the Ladbrokes Coral group target audience at the lowest possible cost. The Social Media Buyer is analysing and testing existing campaigns, and working with the Marketing Service Operation Team in order to select the content that will perform the best on the social platforms for each of the various target audiences of the Ladbrokes Coral brands. The Media Buyer will also be providing weekly and monthly analysis reports for senior management, showing his progression towards monthly targets that were set.


Key Responsibilities

  • Accountable for setting up online performance campaigns on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, including uploading ads, setting up targeting groups, adjusting bids, and implementing tracking links.
  • Responsible for optimization, including ensuring that the running campaigns are the best in terms of ROI (Return on Investment): re-targeting new groups, pausing inefficient or expensive campaigns and reallocating the remaining funds to the highest performing target groups.
  • Responsible for developing social campaign initiative ideas around payday cycles and events which will be driven through the Facebook and twitter campaigns.
  • Responsible for conducting A/B testing: the comparison of two versions of a piece of content against one another to determine which one performs better, in order to be able to put the full budget and optimization efforts against the strongest performing content.
  • Identify new opportunities and search new target groups in order to hit targets by using different research tools either internal within the social networks or external from third party providers.
  • Accountable for ensuring that specific performance targets are in place and objectives tailored to meet or exceed the business and commercial expectations.
  • Support the Digital Marketing team with regular competitor analysis of social activity which will provide benchmarks and ideas for innovation against competitors as well as looking at social media campaigns from other industries.
  • Ensure social campaign tracking is implemented correctly so advertising spend can be efficiently measured and attributed back to the relevant budget.
  • Responsible for producing reports, presenting findings, results and recommendations from campaigns and target groups analysis on a weekly and monthly basis to the Social Team Leader.
  • Keep up to date with general trends in the online media performance on social networks of the Ladbrokes Coral competitors and similar industry companies.


Required Skills:

  • At least 2 years’ experience working with the Facebook and Twitter advertising platforms
  • Previous experience in a digital and on line marketing
  • Strong analytical, excel and quantitative skills
  • Results orientated individual with focus on delivery, agility and control
  • Deep understanding of BI (Business Intelligence), capability of analysing large data sets and familiarity with data analytics
  • Strong understanding of digital advertising legislation and codes of practice
  • Excellent analytical skills and social networks savvy
  • Strong web analytical skills
  • Strategic thinker with excellent communication skills
  • Possesses a keen eye for detail
  • Ability to see trends and patterns in data and relate changes to performance
  • Has the ability to effectively multi task
  • Fluent/Native English speaker
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